AGN International is the 5th largest worldwide association of separate and independent accounting and consulting firms serving business organizations throughout  the world.

Member firms, which provide exceptional services at the highest professional standard, are proud to be able to serve clients worldwide through AGN International‘s 200 member firms, based in 90 countries with more than 480 offices and 9,000 partners and staff.

Member firms have earned formidable reputation of being among the most prestigious organizations.

Al Maqtari Auditing is an independent member firm of AGN International

AGN International West Asia & Africa

AGN Europe Tax Surveys 2016 & 2017

The tax data collected in 2016 & 2017 is available in European Tax Comparison Tool.


AGN constantly thinks about how to reach and connect with the stakeholders, be they members, members' clients, staff, or business partners. 

In considering what is valuable, differentiating, and authentic to all AGN regions worldwide, three "pillars" have been identified:



We uphold high standards of professionalism and service in all that we do.


We have strong relationships. We are linked and coordinated. We have a spirit of global collaboration directed to service client interest.


We are real people; 3-dimensional personalities. Trusted professionals you actually want to do business with.

AGN International Ltd (and its regional affiliates; together "AGN") is a not-for-profit worldwide membership association of separate and independent accounting and advisory businesses. AGN does not provide services to the clients of its Members, which are provided by Members alone. AGN and its Members are not in partnership together, they are neither agents of nor obligate one another, and they are not responsible or liable for each other's services, actions or inactions.